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Agreement with the CFAA

A few days ago we signed an important agreement with a very special partner, the CFAA, or ‘Centro de Fabricación Avanzada Aeronaútica‘ in Spanish. This is an essential boost to the development of our hybrid motors, M1 and M2, as well as our future family of rockets, COSMOX.

Signing the agreement at the CFAA

The Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA) was created as a new model of relationship between different research levels and nowadays industry applications. It is, therefore, a leading manufacturing organization, which participates on many important and challenging projects for the aerospace sector. From now on, it will also grant us manufacturing capability by the hands of trained professionals as well as dedicated students, who will directly participate in BiSKY Team’s Project.

We would like to thank all the people who, dedicating their valuable time to BiSKY Team’s mission, will work hard to manufacture many of the complicated and challenging components rocket engines and rockets consist of.

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