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First Lego League Euskadi

Last weekend some of our members attended the First Lego League Euskadi, an event where children get to show the skills of the robot they have created in advance. There are different missions that the robots have to accomplish in order to win points.

This year’s theme was space, the missions where space-related so that the children participating could learn about it. As one of the sponsors was SENER, the organizing group, INNOBASQUE, contacted us. They asked us to participate as referees in the event. We agreed because we knew the experience wasn’t going to let us down.

Sofía checking the missions

On Friday two of our Business & Management team members, Ainhoa and Sofía, went to the place where the event was held to receive a brief lesson about robot arbitration and to ask some questions.

Pablo punctuating the performance of a robot

The following day was the day of the event. Four of our members attended as referees (Javi and Pablo, from Aerodynamics & Recovery, joined the girls). The game went on exceptionally, the children were excited to show what they had developed and their achievements left our team members speechless. They learned quite a lot from the girls and boys participating and they had so much fun while arbitrating.

Javi and Ainhoa verifying that everything was correct

All in all, it was an enjoyable and astonishing experience. We are so grateful for being able to take part on it.

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