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The applications sent to ‘General Application’ will only be considered in September and February. Please, feel free to send your application any time you want, we will contact you back in the closest Applications Checking Period. You can also check here if we currently have any other specific vacancy you can apply for.

Are you interested in being part of the team and think you could contribute to the project? Fill in the following form with your information, in the “Cover letter” section, please write a letter in your preferred language, whether it is Spanish, Basque or English, telling us what you expect from the project, how you think it will be useful to have you among us and in which team you would like to be. Please also tell us which degree are you currently studying.

We are looking for hard-working and enthusiastic people, who like space or any topic related to the aerospace sector. It would be convenient to have availability for at least two years, although it is not essential. If in your case you could not be in the team for that long, but you still want to participate, let us know in the letter.

Participation requires attending weekly meetings, which are held at the School of Engineering of Bilbao. The hours to dedicate to the project will vary depending on the work to be done and the person’s abilities. Participation is not remunerated.

Team: Aerodynamics & Recovery Avionics Business & Management Flight control & Simulation Propulsion Structure

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