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M1 PDR with AVS

A few days ago we did our first Preliminary Design Review of our hybrid rocket engine test stand, M1. A technical overview of the engine was imparted to Added Value Solutions, finding no issues with the current design. This is a very important milestone, making it possible for us to meet our deadline of having the design finished by the end of January 2019.

The presentation of the PDR

All systems and subsystems where evaluated, from the ignition system to the data acquisition system. The meeting allowed us to polish a few aspects we didn´t have under complete certainty, as well as reassuring the existing designs.

M1 will be our first rocket engine completely developed in house. When operating at full chamber pressure, it will produce over 450 kW of power, equivalent to almost 600 Horsepower, during 10 seconds of burn time. This engine will help us gather plenty of useful knowledge in order to overcome the next step in our project, M2, a much bigger and powerful engine.

With the positive outcome of our PDR, now the construction phase waits ahead, with many more issues and work to deal with.

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