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Sensors from INEKO

Thanks to INEKO S.L. for giving us sensors needed for the testing of the hybrid technology engines. We will use them to measure in which conditions the flux of oxidant is being injected, in order to compare the suitability of the different fuel mixtures.

One of the requirements of the supply system of the engine is to operate at a constant flow rate, and in order to check that we have the expected flow rate, they have provided us with a gas flowmeter. We have also been given pressure and temperature gauges to locate them at the entrance of the injector. To measure the force of the engine, they have provided us with a load cell.

These sensors will allow us, on the one hand, to validate the simulators already done for the engine, and, on the other hand, to observe, in real time, the data obtained from the different variables measured in order to determine which parameter to change in the following ignitions of M1.

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