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Space for inspiration

The first day.

The first day was the reception day. Our friends at Aula Espazio and Sener introduced us to representatives of companies such as Satlantis and ESTEC-ESA. They showed us their current projects and also talked about space, science and the current state of the industry.

Eduardo Urgoiti (SENER) and us


Later, there was a talk given by Paolo Nespoli, ESA’s most veteran astronaut.

Paolo Nespoli.

We attended it and were delighted, he was a really nice and fun person and shared his experiences in a very clear and didactical way. The talk was about his experience on space and his point of view about space exploration. He went further and explained how his experience of becoming an astronaut was, and what and how he conducted experiments while on the ISS.

Part of our team with Paolo Nespoli.


The second day

The conferences started early in the morning. There was a welcoming speech given by Johann-Dietrich Wörner, ESA’s General Director. Afterward, we attended talks about the space industry and the future. These were really interesting talks covering the great potential of the space exploration industry and the reasons why we should keep our eyes on the big picture when developing a project. Later on, we were given a short talk by Eduardo Urgoiti and Juan de Gopegi from Sener, talking about their current developments in the aerospace sector. After lunch, we got to meet the CEO of PLD Space, Raúl Torres, one of our inspirations when creating the team. We chatted with him about their current project, and we explained what BiSKY Team is about.

Raúl Torres (PLD Space CEO) and us.

All in all, this day was full of great experiences, we learned loads of new things and we met amazing people.

The third day

The last day of the event, we brought ALPHA, our first rocket, with us. We showcased it and displayed its launch and technical specifications in a short video. The Head of Mission from PLD Space came to talk with us about ALPHA, COSMOX and the project.

The speeches this day were a more on the technical side, which was great news for such space nerds as us. The closure talk was given by Paolo Nespoli. In this talk, he remarked the importance of advancing space exploration to develop as a species. Finally, when we were picking up our stand, the innovation manager from Thales Alenia Space came to hear from us and our Project.

We really enjoyed the event, it was an amazing experience in which we got to meet wonderful professionals and further learn about a part of our passion that sometimes gets ignored by students, the business side of space exploration.

We are especially thankful to Agustín Sánchez and all of the members of Aula Espazio that made it possible for us to attend ESA Space 4 Inspiration 2018.

Laura standing next to ALPHA.  

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