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Our members, divided into teams, are in charge of taking the project forward. Each one has an specific mission and contributes with different ideas and projects, using the knowledge acquired and learning new skills. Each and every one of our team members are very valuable assets to further develop our initiative.


Pedro Luis Arias

Hegoi Amestoy

Eduardo Jacob


Agustín Sánchez

Norberto Lpz Lacalle

Mª Asunción Illarramendi

Amaia Calleja

Haizea González

Ander Cortázar

Asier Fernández

Business & management

Ángel Gil

Team leader

Sofía Llorente

Chief operations

Ainhoa Quintas

Chief finance


Eduardo Sevillano

Chief avionics

Andreea Stanciu

Guillermo Ozaita

Laura Burgos


Sofía Garaizar

Chief propulsion

Josu García

Alan García

Xabier Idiondo

Alex Díaz

Roque Pradas


Daniel Lázaro

Chief structure

Laura Unamuno

Jose Ariel Zúñiga

Aerodynamics & Recovery

Pablo Bedialauneta

Chief Aerodynamics & Recovery

Ignacio Mancha

Borja Cordero

Javier Ignacio Garibi

Flight Control & Simulation

Maria Carrillo

Chief Flight Control & Simulation


Mikel Badiola

Daniel Uribe

Paul Diego

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