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The project

Getting to space step by step

Mission and objetives of the project

Our goal is to design a rocket that reaches and surpasses the Karman line, which represents the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, settled at 100km above sea level. We are working to be the first European university student group to reach that altitude. The path to our objective will allow us to achieve the following:

-Form the next generation of engineers, scientists, and technicians.

-Divulgate the engineering, science, and aerospace sectors.

-Develop suborbital launchers.

-Participation and formation of other student groups.

-Development of transversal competences.

-Establishment of a new European competition.

-The application of state-of-the-art technologies in COSMOX I and II.

-Experimentation in zero-g.

-Design and fabrication of cutting-edge aerospace technology.

Project stages:


This is our first rocket. Boosted by a solid propellant motor, the cardboard rocket had an avionics module developed by ourselves. The trajectory described in September 2018 went as simulated, even getting a bit higher than expected, reaching a peak altitude of 507 m. With this rocket, we tested our avionics and the recently acquired knowledge about rocket science.


Total mission success.


This is the first in-house developed motor. With the objective of learning the ins and outs of the development of a rocket booster, we will conduct the first fuel tests, ascertaining that our models and predictions are accurate.


In development.


This is our second solid motor rocket. It will carry our own avionics module, which will be expandable to the COSMOX project. This launch will also allow us to improve and validate our simulator, gathering critical flight and trajectory data.


Mission success.


This will be the second in-house developed engine. The know-how acquired and lessons learned from M1 will be applied in the M2 project. M2 will be a scale model of the hybrid engine sported by COSMOX I.


In development.


This is our hybrid motor rocket family. All the knowledge and engineering developed up until this point will be present in the design and fabrication of the COSMOX rockets. Boosted by our full-scale hybrid motors, with this set of launchers, we will reach 100km high.


Starting on 2019.

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